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Customer Testimonials

Coleen treats the body and your soul. Every ache goes away as her expert hands find those trouble spots. She makes them disappear. Her massage bed is like laying on a cloud. She is an expert in her field! I try to go every month.

-Jill Tannenbaum, CHt. Certified Hypnotherapist

Coleen's massage therapy has changed my life. Not only through massage and allowing my body to destress and relax but also through teaching me ways to continue to relax when I am not in a session. She is an inspiring person who believes in keeping the body and mind healthy. She is THE BEST at what she does...I look forward to my appointments with her. It's my ME time!

-Simone Sannelli

I've had regular massage, ear candling, and also Reiki by Coleen. She is a generous and gifted leader and a genius at natural healing. I highly recommend benefiting from her services again and again.

- Aggie, Aggie Perilli Communications International

"I've been to several massage therapists who offered deep tissue massage, and I can tell you from experience that Coleen's deep tissue massage is the best I've ever had!"

- D. W.

"Every time I have gone to Coleen it has been a great experience. Her positive attitude and vibes on life make it even better. Well worth it!"


I make it my healthy ritual to see Coleen every 4-6 weeks for my deep tissue massage, she's the best!!

-Tom S.

"Nothing relieves the tight stress tension in my back and neck like Coleen's massage. She's the best!"


" Coleen's massage is a relaxing and peaceful experience. It allows my mind and body to rejuvenate and I always leave feeling great! I would highly recommend her services. "

- Anonymous

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